Relaxation – Baths are the best.

I remember a lecturer at university saying to me ‘I’m a big believer in baths. If you ever have a problem, or need to mull something over -take a bath. In fact I’ve rarely been in a situation that’s not been made better by a bath.” This guy really loved baths. He definitely loved baths more than me and I do love a bath.

I’ve always been a fan of baths. To me baths are a place of calm, reflection and pampering the body and soul. I wondered if there is any research which support my love of baths. It turns out there is!

Hydrotherapy has been around for a long time. Whether it’s ice baths or naturally occurring hot springs, human beings have been a fan of submerging themselves in water for centuries.

So, what is it about submerging oneself in water that makes us feel better? Baths give you the opportunity to switch of the body and mind and escape from the world. There’s lots of articles out there also claiming physical benefits of baths.

Here are my relaxing bath top tips!

  • Switch of your phone or put it on aeroplane mode if you are using it for music.
  • Get some smellies out – a nice bath bomb, essential oils or your favourite bubbles.
  • Lock the door.
  • Read your book if that’s your thing.
  • Turn off the harsh bathroom light and replace it with gentle candle light.
Baths aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but in today’s busy, stressful world it is so important to make time for relaxation. We all know stress is bad for us. Go on, treat yourself to some relaxation!

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