Go on – try something new! If you fail, celebrate.

Our quiz night has been cancelled this bank holiday weekend. We go every Sunday and I love it. It’s always guaranteed to cheer me up, full of lots of laughs and valuable friend time. It’s got me thinking.

I saw a post today from @kennygibsonNHS saying:

“Be brave enough to be bad at something new”

I think it’s so important to try new things. I remember the first quiz night we went to and we all thought it was going to be a bit rubbish. Now it’s a big part of our routine and it makes is great fun! I have to say – we aren’t very good at the quiz. It doesn’t matter though because we love it.

I feel if you don’t try new things how are you  going to grow as a person? So, say yes to random new experiences! Even if you realise it wasn’t for you and you didn’t enjoy it you may just learn something important about yourself.

Celebrate your failures and try something new!


I’ve not figured out what I’m going to try next. Watch this space. I’m looking forward to my next failure.

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