What would you tell your younger self?

Dear Little Em, You will soon learn that life is full of ups and downs. Embrace every experience. Learn from them. There are many people who love you for who you are. Don't try and hide your true self. Be authentically you. Enjoy the journey of discovering who you are. Don't be afraid - it… Continue reading What would you tell your younger self?


Are you getting enough sleep?

I've just listened to a great TED talk about sleep by Professor Matt Walker (a brain scientist who studies sleep) and it really got me thinking about my own sleep. As a shift worker, I do worry about the detrimental effects this has on my health. I certainly feel better on day shifts or during… Continue reading Are you getting enough sleep?


Why Florence Nightingale was awesome.

It's fast approaching May 12th - International Nurses Day and of course Florence Nightingales birthday! I'm not going to talk about her lamp. She was so much more than just 'the lady with the lamp'. Florence was an amazing lady. She is obviously well known as the founder of modern nursing but if you dig… Continue reading Why Florence Nightingale was awesome.