My Big Idea for a Future NHS – Community Care.

This is not my idea but I’d like to see bigger strides in care in the community. I’d like us to learn more about excellent teams and care in the community so we can do more of this in order to continue to achieve person centred care in people’s homes.

It has been long talked about to moving care into the community (if appropriate) and there are lots of existing examples of excellent services in the community already and I’d like to see more.

There is a huge opportunity to reform care post COVID 19. If health services can safely be completed at home it would prevent people going into hospital needlessly.

Home is an important place for many people and I think it’s a special thing to be able to nurse there. Of course, homecare isn’t without it’s challenges.

In my role as a home parenteral nutrition nurse, I speak to patients about having their infusions at home and people are so grateful to be out of hospital in their own space. It allows them to get some of their life back.

I’d like to hear about examples of care in the community and ideas and adaptations post COVID 19 that are going to stay to meet people’s needs.


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