How do we empower nurses? Connect. Share. Support. Learn. Inspire.



HOw do we empower nurses


I answered the question in the only way I know best and that’s a mind map. I love, love loooooove a mind map.

Empowering each other must start with making meaningful connections. When we connect with each other it opens all kinds of doors – a learning opportunity, support, inspiration, sharing ideas and sometimes it can be as simple as a confidence boost that gives you that push to do something amazing.

So, how do we make meaningful connections? I think it all boils down to communicating. I like to think as nurses we are alright at talking and listening to each other!

I believe, another important aspect of empowering nurses is supporting each other when times are hard. Whether that’s at work or something personal. We all go through challenging times in nursing and in our lives. Even the smallest thing like a few words of encouragement can make a big difference.

Sharing knowledge and kindness are also vital in empowering us. We can learn from one another and grow together and I think this is really special. Building each other up to be better nurses and inspire each other to be amazing to me is so important. You hear about ‘nurses eating their young’ and this upsets me. Let’s not do that. Ever.

Let’s inspire, motivate and empower each other to be the best nurses we can be to all the people we meet in our amazing profession.


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