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Dying Matters. What is your funeral song?

dying_matters_wk_2019_digital_suite_v22.jpg.800x0_q85_upscaleNext week is dying matters week and I’ve been inspired to write a blog! Every year in May, LOROS (my local Leicester based hospice) hosts Dying Matters Week, a national awareness-raising week to encourage people everywhere to talk openly about death, dying and bereavement. You can find more information and lots of resources through this link. 

I decided to do some reflecting and actually write down what I would like. At least the if anything should suddenly happen my friends and family wouldn’t be wondering what I want! When I think about my own death, I would like to be at home with my favorite playlist on with some lovely scented candles. I love a good smelly candle or oil burner. I’d love to be surrounded by my friends and family and my crazy dog. If home isn’t possible then LOROS would be a lovely place to be. I’d prefer not to go into hospital as I’ve spent enough time there at work!

Have you thought about it?

Death and dying is something we see as nurses almost everyday. It still remains a tricky subject to talk about. It may well be that you don’t know your wishes but it is good to get the conversation started.  LOROS suggest a good way to get the conversation started is asking about what funeral songs people would like.

My funeral song is going to be ‘I hope you Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack . All my friends and family now know and it’s a good conversation starter. I’m not particularly fussed about the funeral – I’d just hope that there would be a great after party with great food e.g a chocolate fountain. I’d prefer to be buried in a forest/wood. I’d quite like a bench somewhere pretty where I go for walks but I’m still figuring out my favorite place! I’d like my loved ones to donate to a charity of their choice and plant a tree/plant for me rather than buy flowers.

I work in intensive care and we often talk to families about organ donation. It is also useful to know your loved ones preferences regarding organ donation. This is all changing next year to an opt out scheme. Here’s a link to the NHS Organ Donation website.

Here’s a useful link to information about what happens to your digital bits and bobs after you die. Something to also bare in mind!

Are we ready? 




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