Post night shift thoughts on what nursing will look like in 50 years!

Feel free to think I’m crazy. After all, I am writing this blog post night shift.

I was thinking today about scientific and medical developments and wondering what will nursing and medicine look like in 50 years?

Things change so quickly and things that we did 50 years ago would be frowned upon now and not even imagined by people then! The first example that springs to mind is egg white and oxygen! It was thought of as completely normal in the past and accepted practice.

Going further back, I was also thinking, what would Florence Nightingale think if she walked through the wards of today? Or strolled through intensive care and saw all of the machines supporting the different organ systems. What would she think of open heart surgery and how a patient can be operated on and be sat out of bed and back on the ward he next day! It really is amazing what we do and how far medicine and nursing has come.

There is always work to do and improvements to be made. I’m so excited looking forward to seeing nursing move forward and develop.

It takes just one person with an extraordinary idea to move things forward.

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